Universal Outlet Seals

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Your outlets may be a significant source of heating and cooling loss in your house. Avoid pesky drafts from your outlets with our universal outlet seals. An easy solution to block the airflow from your outlets to your living spaces while saving on energy cost.


  • Universal fit for any outlet in your home
  • Insulates your home
  • Durable foam material
  • Saves money on energy cost and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Easy to install


Product CodeTypeQuantityWidthLength
7040Standard10 pcs2 1/2″4 1/8″


  1. Do not allow your children to install this product
  2. Pop out the excess foam from the outlet seal. Our seals will be marked with different perforations depending on what type of outlet you have.
  3. Carefully remove the outlet cover with a screw driver
  4. Place the outlet seal on top of the outlets
  5. Screw the outlet cover back on