Self-Adhesive Anti-Slip Pads

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Protect your floors and furniture from nicks and scuffs with our Self-Adhesive  Anti-Slip Pads. An easy solution to keep your floors and furniture in tip-top shape for years to come. Stop your furniture from slipping and sliding with our durable Anti-Slip pads. Coated with our A2LA certified adhesive for a lasting performance.

A2lA Accredited


  • Durable and stress resistant
  • Moisture proof & washable
  • Unaffected by industrial chemicals
  • A2LA Certified Adhesive


Product Number Item Description
619SPB Self Adhesive Black Anti-Slip Pads 3″ 4 pc.
805SPB Anti-Slip Black Discs 1/2″ Dia. 24 discs
807SPB Anti-Slip Black discs 3/4″ Dia. 12 discs
860SPB Self Adhesive Black Felt Discs Pads 1″ Dia. 16 discs
861SPB Self Adhesive Black Felt Pads 1-1/2″ Dia. 8 discs
890SPB Self Adhesive Black Anti-Slip Pads 1″ 16 pcs.
891SPB Self Adhesive Black Anti-Slip Pads 1-1/2″ 8 pcs.
892SPB Self Adhesive Black Anti-Slip Pads 2″ 4 pcs.
893SPB Self Adhesive Black Anti-Slip Pads 2″ x 4″ 3 pcs.


  1. Select the appropriate size for your application (refer to specs)
  2. For best results, clean the surface area of the furniture feet and wait until dry
  3. Remove paper liner and apply adhesive to the applicable area
  4. Apply pressure and allow 10 minutes for adhesive to harden