Ridge Vent Foam

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The top ridge of your roof is prone to heat and condensation build-up which may cause mould to grow and damage your home. Take the right step in preventing this outcome by using proper insulation with our Ridge Vent Foam. It extends the life of your roof and home by preventing condensation build up in the top ridge and helps save on energy costs.


  • Resilient Insulating Foam
  • Protects your home from condensation and mould build-up


  1. We recommend a professional roof expert install this product as it requires the removal of your shingles
  2. Remove the shingles on the very top of your roof
  3. Remove the wood sheathing with a power saw (set to ¾ inches to 1 inch)
  4. Note: Do not cut through the roof trusses or ridge board
  5. Align the ridge vent in the same position as your shingles
  6. Nail them in with 2-inch roofing nails
  7. Reattach shingles