Patented Insert Replacement

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When time comes to replace the insert in your Reloadable Aluminum or Vinyl Door Bottom, use our Patented Insert Replacement cartridges to easily replace the existing insert on your door bottom. It’s never been easier and more affordable to continue removing drafts, dirt and pests, and moisture from entering your home.


  • Universal fit: Aluminum or Vinyl Reloadable Door Bottoms
  • Only for our Patented Reloadable Door Bottom products
  • Easy installation
  • Rigid insert with soft fins
  • Slides into base for easy replacement


Product CodeTypeNotesLength
3470StandardWhite 6 Fin 36″36″
3474StandardClear 6 Fin 36″36″
3471StandardWhite Bulb & Fin 36″36″
3472StandardClear Bulb & Fin 36″36″


  1. Simply remove old insert by sliding it out from the Reload door bottom slide new one into place
  2. If needed, cut excess with saw