Nail-On Glides with Felt Tip

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Protect your floors and furniture from nicks and scuffs with our Nail-On Glides with Felt Tip.  Use our Nail-On Glides for a secure and lasting grip onto your furniture. An easy solution to keep your floors and furniture in tip-top shape for years to come. That Felt Good!


  • Durable and stress resistant
  • Moisture proof & washable
  • Unaffected by industrial chemicals


Product NumberItem Description
651SPBNail-On Glides 8 pcs with Felt 8 – 1″ discs
652SPBNail-On Grey with Felt tip 7/8″ 8 pcs.
653SPBNail-On Grey with Felt Tip 1-1/2 ” 4 pcs.


  1. Keep away from children due to sharp edges
  2. Lay your furniture on its side before application
  3. Align the glide on the applicable area
  4. Use a small hammer to gently tap on the glide until it’s firmly secured to the furniture