HVAC P/E Pipe Wrap Tubes

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Our Polyethylene Pipe Wrap Tubes mount directly onto your pipes to protect them from freezing, corroding, molding, and moisture buildup. A resilient foam used to insulate your pipes, save on energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.


  • Easy to install
  • Works on cold and hot water pipes
  • Ideal for copper or iron pipes
  • Prevents freezing, corrosion, mold and moisture build-up
  • For irrigation, heating, ventilating and cooling
  • Insulates pipes and prevents condensation


Product CodeThicknessLength
80221/2″3 ft
80233/4″3 ft
80241″3 ft


  1. Safety first. Turn off your pipes or reduce temperature to your best ability
  2. Measure area and cut the wrap tubes accordingly
  3. Snap on the wrap tube on the pipe
  4. Remove paper liner and adjoin the two halves of the wrap tube to make one unabridged piece
  5. Adjust the tube to the correct position