Foam Backer Rod

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Fill large gaps in your windows and doors with our Foam Backer Rod. When the gap may be too large for regular foam tapes, the Foam Backer Rod is a perfect solution to fill cracks, holes and large gaps in your windows and doors. The product may be used in many areas of the house to fill in large gaps as it will remove drafts, reduce heating and cooling loss, save on energy costs, and improve noise reduction. Use it with sealant or caulking for a tight seal that will last for many years.


  • Multi-use: may be used on your windows, doors and any other area with large gaps
  • Made out of durable and compressible material
  • Moisture proof
  • Seals out dust, air, rain, and wind-driven snow
  • Ideal as a filler in expansion/compression joints subject to movement from thermal expansion and contraction
  • Highly resistant to dirt and pests
  • Conforms to contours easily and fills gaps
  • Easy to Install


Product CodeTypeWidthLength
8004Standard1/4″50 ft
8005Standard1/2″25 ft
8006Standard3/4″15 ft
8001Extreme3/8″30 ft
8002Extreme5/8″20 ft
8003Extreme7/8″15 ft


  1. Simply squeeze the backer rod into a large gap
  2. Cut the excess off with scissors
  3. If you’d like extra protection and improved performance, fill the gap with sealant or caulking and then apply the foam backer rod.