Environmentally Friendly Thermal Insulating Foam Tape

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This environmentally friendly foam is produced with a low chemical process, resulting in low VOCs and a greener product for your household. Due to its unique nitrogen infusion development, the foam is light and has the most consistent and strongest cell-structure than any other foam on the market. This product is exclusive to Polar Bear Products.



  • No harsh chemicals & low in VOCs
  • Mould and moisture resistant
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Seals out dust, air, wind-driven snow and moisture through joint details
  • Ideal as a filler in expansion/compression joints subject to movement from thermal expansion and contraction
  • Highly resistant to dirt and pests
  • Conforms to contours easily and fills gaps


Product CodeNotesThicknessWidthLength
5180Black3/8″3/4″10 ft
5181White3/8″3/4″10 ft
5182Black1/4″3/4″10 ft
5183White1/4″3/4″10 ft
5184Black3/8″3/8″10 ft
5185White3/8″3/8″10 ft
5186Black3/16″1/2″10 ft
5187White3/16″1/2″10 ft


  1. Ensure surface area temperature greater than 5 °C / 40 °F
  2. Clean surface with cleaning agent
  3. Measure area of application and tape accordingly
  4. Cut the tape with scissors. Leave a few extra inches for tough to reach areas
  5. Door: Apply tape on the frame. On hinged side, apply foam to door jam
  6. Window: Apply tape to bottom and top of the window sash. If gap permits, apply to window jam

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