Eavesdropper – Eavestrough Foam

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The Polar Bear Eavesdropper foam will protect your eavestroughs from build-up of dirt, leaves, and branches while allowing the continuous flow of water through your drains. The unique design of the product catches debris on top, while permitting water to easily pass through the foam and down the pipes. The product fits all makes and models of eavestroughs and is completely invisible from below.


  • Universal fit
  • Stops debris from clogging up your eavestroughs
  • Not visible from below
  • Unique design allows for 60% more water flow than traditional eavestrough foams
  • Hinge design allow for easier cleaning – no pressure washer needed!
  • Allows very fine particles to pass through preventing any build up over time
  • Durable – will maintain it’s shape under the weight of leaves and other debris


  1. Safety first, make sure someone is at the bottom of the ladder holding it firm
  2. Measure the length of Eavesdropper needed for your gutter
  3. If necessary cut foam with scissors to fit

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