Dent Prevent

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Use our Dent Prevent foam pad to protect your car doors from hitting the walls in your garage. This pad is an effective and simple product for those with kids, tight garages, or big cars. Never dent your car doors again with the Polar Bear Dent Prevent.  Coated with our premium A2LA adhesive for maximum strength and lasting performance.

A2lA Accredited


  • Durable and stress resistant
  • Washable
  • Unaffected by industrial chemicals
  • Moisture proof
  • A2LA Adhesive


Product NumberItem DescriptionColour
9010APB 1 x 5 x 16” (25.4 x 125 x 406mm)Black


  1. Park your car in its usual position to align the door with the Dent Prevent product
  2. Ensure surface area is clean and dry
  3. Remove paper liner on the back of the pad
  4. Stick on wall and press firmly with your fingers
  5. Open your car doors with freedom