Polar-19R Reusable Face Shield

1 order = 100 units. Each order contains 100 face shields. Buy in multiples of 100 units.

Bulk pricing discounts available! See table below. Ships only in Canada.

Order QuantityUnit Price (CAD)
1 (100 shields)$7.45
5 (500 shields)$6.95
10 (1,000 shields)$6.45
50 (5,000 shields)$5.95
100 (10,000 shields)$5.45
1,000 (100,000 shields)$4.75

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Our Polar-19R Reusable Face Shield is made with an optically clear, anti-static polyester film, and a medical grade closed cell foam brow pad. These materials can be wiped down, and disinfected with IPA for reuse. Sterilize the Polar-19R using radiation sterilization equipment if available or allow 30 minutes for isopropyl alcohol to evaporate.

When used in conjunction with authorized protective equipment, our face shields provide an extra layer of protection against respiratory droplets passed through sneezing and coughing. The Polar-19R Face Shield is intended to cover the user’s entire facial area, including eyes, nose, and mouth.

Disclaimer: The use of this product by itself does not effectively prevent the transmission of viruses, including coronavirus. Use only against splashing liquids or dust. Shield is not impact resistant. Do not use as protection against open flame or sparks. Failure to follow this warning may result in serious and disfiguring injuries.

  • Medical grade foam provides increased comfort, with no skin irritation and a wipeable closed-cell surface for proper disinfection.
  • PET face shield covers entire facial area, including eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • LATEX-FREE self-adjusting elastic strap
  • ANSI/ISEA Z 87.1-2015 compliant
MaterialOptically Clear, Anti-Static, PET Film
PET Thickness0.007mm
Shield Size9” x 13” Full Length (Custom Sizes Available)
ComponentsLATEX-FREE Adjustable Elastic Rubber Band, Breathable Foam Brow Pad
Brow PadMedical Grade, Skin-Friendly Closed Cell Foam