We aligned ourselves with a non-profit organization named Polar Bears International – a company fighting for the survival of polar bears worldwide by directing their efforts to reducing the harmful effects of climate change and lowering our carbon footprint. Every time one of our products is purchased you take a step toward helping Polar Bears International save our friends up North. In addition, simply the use of our products will greatly reduce your own energy consumption and help protect the environment. Read more about it here.

It’s an important duty all home owners should consider: one to save on energy and reduce your carbon footprint, and secondly to bring comfort into your life and household. Drafts entering your house are never pleasant, why not get rid of them completely and save on energy?

If your entire home is correctly weatherproofed, it is estimated that you may save about 20%-30% on your energy bill. Of course, the design of your home and the way in which the products are installed will cause varying results.

While foam tapes are a great resource for removing drafts, there are some areas that rely on different products to reducing the draft: such as outlet seals for your outlets, door bottoms or sweeps, window and door kits to seasonally close an area, foam backer rod for larger gaps, and other specific products.

It is a matter of preference, but it also depends on how large the gap is, where it is, and how long you plan to secure the area. All of our tapes will work to secure your home from drafts but for long-term homeowners, we recommend our Extreme line of products for a lasting and durable product. For renters, our standard line will provide a reliable weatherproofing solution. Please use our color chart to select an appropriate foam for your application. 

Measure your door or window to determine the length of foam tape you need. To figure out thickness required you can use a simple “paper test”. Simply insert a piece of paper under your window or door. The size of the gap will be determined by how easy it is to remove the piece of paper. If it comes out easily you have a fairly large gap and should use products in our Extreme line.

Each product page has an installation tab that lists step-by-step instructions; If you need more help, please advise a home improvement specialist at your local hardware store.

Our products are currently available on Amazon.com and will soon be available at other retail stores. Please check out our Where to Buy page for updates.

Our products range in warranty from 3 years to 25 years. Please check the Features tab on any product page to view warranty information.

A2LA certification means that our adhesive products comply with rigorous standards when it comes to product performance and durability. The advantage to our customers worldwide is that we have an in-house A2LA lab to deliver this certification service; this enables us to avoid the outsourcing of this procedure, and therefore allows us to control product quality in-house and create efficiency and savings to our buyers. Most importantly, with A2LA accreditation, our adhesives are guaranteed to deliver a premium performance every time they are used.

All Polar Bear Products are manufactured in Canada and the United States. We operate under our parent company, Jacobs & Thompson, and have 12 facilities throughout the areas and continue to expand.

Polar Bear Products is the consumer products division of Jacobs & Thompson. Jacobs & Thompson is a leader in foam fabrication and has been supplying foam weatherproofing and floor protection products to its customers for over 70 years. Our foams have made their way into your home via other brands that we’ve supplied to. Today we have our own consumer branch to deliver quality weatherproofing and floor protection products under the Polar Bear brand name.

To save even more money, your hydro supplier will often provide coupons for weatherproofing. Google their company along with the words “Save on energy coupons,” and you should be able to find printable coupons for weatherproofing products and other energy saving items.

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